How to Choose the Best Fondue Pot

fondue pot
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Hosting a fondue dinner can be a fun way to make your parties a bit more different and a lot cosier. Organising such an event is so easy and you don’t have to invest a lot in it. All that you have to do is buy the right fondue set once. The equipment can be used for years, enabling you to enjoy so many fun family moments together.

Buying the right fondue pot will depend entirely on your budget and your preferences. The set that will be ideal for somebody else may not necessarily be the right piece of equipment for you.

Types of Fondue Pots

Different kinds of fondue pots are available and they’re designed for use with specific ingredients. Before doing any other type of research, you will have to determine which fondue pot variety you need.

The first and most common pick is a cheese fondue pot. These pot are typically equipped with a gel fuel or an adjustable alcohol burner. This type of burner maintains a constant temperature that keeps the cheese from burning or solidifying. The bottom of the pot should be flat and the material that it’s typically made of is enamel.

Desert or chocolate fondue pots are usually a bit smaller than the cheese pot. Ceramic, porcelain, tempered glass and metal are the most common materials that chocolate pots are made of. The right temperature will be needed once again to keep the chocolate from solidifying or becoming thick. An alternative to a chocolate fondue pot is a chocolate fountain.

A broth fondue pot (also known as a hot oil fondue pot) are mainly designed for cooking meat. This is why they can reach a higher temperature than the two varieties already mentioned. Cast iron, copper and other metals are the most common materials for broth fondue pot making. A ceramic pot isn’t suitable for broth making.

The final variety is the electric fondue set. As the name suggests, this pot uses electricity as the main source of power. Such pots are very versatile and they can be used for cheese, chocolate or broth. All that you have to do is plug the pot in and choose the right temperature. If you’re looking for a “lazy” and easy appliance, this one is the right fondue pot for you.

Equipment Included in the Set

Once you decide on the variety, you’ll need to explore the equipment available in the set. If you don’t get all of the mentioned pieces, you’ll have to buy those separately:

  • The pot: this one is obvious. Before moving on to exploring the other items, acquaint yourself with the characteristics of the pot and its capacity.
  • Forks: the number of forks will be determining for the number of people that will get to use the fondue set.
  • Burner: this is the part of the set that’s responsible for heating the pot and keeping its ingredients either warm or liquefied.
  • A thermometer: it’s not included in all sets but a thermometer is a nice addition. It gives you an idea about the temperature that your ingredients are currently at.
  • Sauce pots and plates: these are added to the set and used for garnished, dipping foods and additional sauces.

A Few Additional Fondue Pot Buying Tips

Explore the types of fuel that each of the sets you’re interested in works with. Some chocolate fondues are warmed by candles. Other times, the set will use butane. The fuel of preference has to be readily available and affordable. The type of fuel should also correspond to the foods you’ll be making in the pot. In general, liquid fuels generate more heat than gel fuels. This is why they’re suitable for the preparation of meat in the pot.

The fondue burner will also need to be examined. A burner is usually included in cheese and meat fondue sets. If the set comes with a highly specialised burner, you may experience problems finding a replacement in the case of damage.

Finally, examine the reputation of the manufacturer. Some companies have been making utensils and cooking appliances for decades. They have the tradition and they choose high quality materials. The availability of a lengthy warranty is another indicator of quality. Go through online reviews and assess the pros/cons before making up your mind and placing an order.